Praise and Prayer Update (November 15, 2019)

heritage snow

Winter arrived this past week as snow now covers our campus.  While it’s been cold outside, the spiritual temperature inside remains warm and inviting.  I continue to be encouraged at the way the Lord is working in the lives of our students, staff, and faculty.

Here are three specific requests I would ask you to join me in praying about this week.

  1.  Several of our Heritage staff and faculty (including Linda Reed) are in Oakville this week for the Gospel Coalition Canada Women’s Conference.  Pray that the women who attend would be spiritually strengthened.  Also, pray that those looking for further biblical and ministry training might stop by Heritage table and explore some of the programs and courses we offer.
  2. On Saturday, Linda teaches and leads an all-day course at Heritage in our Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry.  Please pray for stamina for Linda as she teaches.  Also, pray for spiritual impact in the lives of the women taking this course.
  3. Next Monday and Tuesday, Heritage is hosting a Student Sampler for 27 High School students considering coming to Heritage.  Pray that God would guide these young men and women (and their parents) as they gain a better sense of the courses and community life at Heritage.

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