Praise and Prayer Update September 20, 2019

This past week has been Spiritual Life Emphasis Week at Heritage.  We’ve had our hearts stirred by the messages we heard in our chapel services.  Special thanks to Pastor Dwyane Cline (Hughson Street Baptist in Hamilton), Pastor Robbie Symons (Hope Bible Chapel in Oakville) and Pastor Daniel Winter (Calvary Church in Toronto).  Each of their messages challenged and strengthened our hearts in Christ.  Join me in thanking the Lord for the way His Spirit is moving in our lives.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Beginning on Tuesday, I teach a two and a half-day course on The Personal Side of Expository Preaching.  This course is part of our Graduate Certificate in Biblical Preaching.  It’s designed to strengthen pastors who have a preaching ministry, helping them improve in noticeable ways.  Please pray for strength of body and soul as I teach.  Ask the Lord to help each of the pastors who attend to grow in their ability to preach God’s Word.  (Here’s a short video that explains the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Preaching).

2.  On Wednesday we have a Heritage Board Meeting and a Celebration Dinner.  We have much to celebrate this year at Heritage (I’ll write more about this topic next week).  Please join me in thanking the Lord for the men and women on our Board.  Ask that our meeting and dinner would further God’s work through the school.

3.  Linda continues to lead an active TESOL program (Teaching English as a Second Language) in the community and on campus.  Our students are gaining experience on how to use English to reach out in Christ’s name.  Pray that we’d see more new Canadians from the community join in these ESL classes. 

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