Prayer Update March 15, 2019

prayerLast week I asked you to pray for us–I (Rick) was down with the flu and Linda was leading a Heritage course for women on writing Bible study curriculum.

I want to thank all of you who prayed for us.  It was discouraging for me (Rick) to have to cancel flying to Winnipeg to speak at a Promise Keepers event.  However, I sensed the Lord’s grace in helping the organizers of the conference enlist a replacement for me.  I heard the good news that the conference went very well.  Praise Him.

Linda had a wonderful weekend leading the course on Bible study curriculum.  She teamed up with Dr. Phyllis Bennett from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.  The fourteen women who took the course were enthusiastic about what they learned and how it will benefit their churches and ministries.

I (Rick) have been able to be back in the office this week and have continued to regain strength as the week has gone on. I’m still not 100% but am grateful for the healing God has granted.

As God brings us to your heart and mind, I would ask you to continue to pray for spiritual, physical and emotional strength.  We are aware of our need for God’s empowerment and protection. He is able!

Thank you for your friendship and prayer support.thank

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