Prayer Update November 8, 2018

Linda and I are in Ottawa this week, privileged to speak at the missions conference for the Metropolitan Bible Church.  We had the joy of serving at the Met for almost 15 years before coming to Heritage.  The church still has a deep love for God’s Word and a commitment to reaching God’s world.

CELEBRATE MISSIONSI’m writing to ask you to pray for me as I preach God’s Word Thursday night (young adult group), Friday night (all church) and Sunday morning.  (Linda spoke to two ladies groups yesterday).  Please pray that the Lord would empower me to speak with clarity and conviction on the topic of missions.  The Met has a history of sending out many missionaries.  Let’s pray that God would raise up more through this conference.

Also, join me in praising the Lord for answering the requests I gave last Friday.  I heard from Heritage today that the event with Dr. Christopher Wright was well-attended and well-received.  Also, our first year college students were out in the community today collecting food for the local food bank.  This is part of our Love Hespeler initiative, a way to show the love of Christ and to open doors for the message of Christ.

Food Drive

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