Linda’s Graduation

IMG_2036On Friday, December 8th we were down in Louisville, Kentucky for Linda’s graduation from Southern Seminary.  Having completed her Doctor in Education degree–including comprehensive exams and her dissertation–she walked the stage and received her diploma from Southern president, Albert Mohler.

Here’s the link to the graduation ceremony.  If you want see Linda receive her doctoral diploma, fast forward to the 1 hour and 41 minute mark in the ceremony.

Linda GradThe graduation ceremony was a joyful celebration of a significant milestone in Linda’s life.  We are grateful for the way the Lord strengthened her throughout the three year journey.  Her advisors complemented her for doing excellent work on her dissertation which focused on training programs for women at complementarian seminaries and colleges.  The education she received will be useful in her role of directing the Heritage Centre for Women in Ministry.

Linda’s Cohort of Doctor of Education Graduates


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