There and Back Again

It’s been a while since we’ve written as we’ve been doing a good bit of traveling.  In the last three weeks, I (Rick) flew to Calgary to speak at a Promise Keeper’s conference, we both flew to Dallas (Linda presented at a conference for Professors of Christian Education), and we drove to Ottawa (Rick spoke at a conference for Chinese churches).

Thank you for praying for us–we sensed the Lord’s grace strengthening us all along the way.  There were several very memorable moments we’ll chronicle in future posts.

IMG_1944Let me tell you about one encounter that has impacted us quite deeply.   When we were in Dallas, we drove to Frisco, Texas on Sunday to visit the church where Chuck Swindoll preaches.  We arrived a few minutes before the second service was to begin.  Chuck was at the front of the sanctuary, talking with people who had been at the first service.

When he was free, we approached him and told him how his preaching and writing have impacted our lives over the years.  When he learned I was serving as the president of Heritage Seminary in Canada, he took my arm, looked me in the eyes and said, “I have something for you to take back to Canada:  teach expository preaching. Train up preachers for all of Canada.”

I was very moved by Dr. Swindoll’s charge.  Training biblical preachers is a passion God has put deep in my heart.  I sense a great need across Canada for pastors who can faithfully and fruitfully preach God’s Word.  Each Thursday during the semester, I have the joy of training a group of college and seminary students who are learning to preach.   Right before flying to Dallas, I had taught a modular preaching course for a group of pastors who desire to keep making progress in their preaching (1 Timothy 4:13-15).

Would you pray that God would allow to be part of training up preachers for all of Canada.  I believe this will glorify God and also strengthen God’s people!

“Preach the Word” is the motto of Dallas Theological Seminary, the school I attended.  After hearing Dr. Swindoll preach, we stopped by Dallas Seminary and took this picture


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