Reasons to Give Thanks

thanks 1As we move into Thanksgiving weekend, we at Heritage have many reasons to thank God for His goodness.  Let me highlight a few and invite you to join us in giving thanks to the Lord.

Debt Demolition:   Over 2 million dollars came in over the past two months in our debt demolition initiative.  Our board, faculty, staff and students are overjoyed.  The school’s debt is now under $700,000, and funds continue to come in ($9,000 more came in this week for debt elimination).  We are thankful for all who prayed and gave to see the debt load greatly reduced.  We look forward to seeing it completely demolished!

College Enrollment:  This fall, the college has its largest incoming class in years.  I (Rick) have the joy of teaching the first-year students in a Christian Formation class.  I’ve been encouraged by the eagerness they show to grow in Christ and be equipped to serve.

Seminary Enrollment:  The seminary has seen a dramatic increase in new students.  In fact, the size of the seminary is at an all-time high.  What is most encouraging to me is the calibre of the students who are coming to Heritage to be equipped as pastors, missionaries and church leaders.  We exist to serve the Church and I sense God has sent us some stellar students to train for ministry.

(Tomorrow I’ll get more personal and give some reasons Linda and I are thanking God for His faithfulness and kindness to us and our family.)

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