Big News!

Big News 2For those who have been following our debt demolition saga, we’ve got some big news.  God has been answering prayer in a big way.

Just a bit of history.  In 2009, our school’s debt load was almost 3.7 million.  In 2015, it was just over 3 million.  In 2017, the debt was down to 2.7 million.

Our faculty, staff, and board have been praying earnestly about seeing the debt eliminated, freeing up more funds for our mission of training pastors, missionaries, and church leaders.

In 2016, our Board passed a motion to not only eliminate debt but to intentionally stay out of debt in the future.

I’m grateful to report that God has been working in amazing ways.  In the past month, we received cheques from generous donors totaling 1.4 million.  Also, a good number of individuals responded to the 1000 x 1000 initiative, providing over $70,000.

Yesterday, we received more donations–over $500,000.

So in the past two months, we’ve been given almost 2 million dollars.  Our current debt load is now down to $695,000.

We are rejoicing in God’s goodness through His people.

Debt freeWe are scheduled to sign a new mortgage on Monday, October 1st.  So it’s not too late for others to make an “eleventh-hour” donation to further reduce or eliminate the debt.  (Find information on how to contribute here)

Over the years, God has repeatedly supplied the needs for the school in amazing ways.  Now He is doing it again.  Praise be to His name.

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