Getting Ready

We love summer but we are excited for fall. Our team at Heritage has spent the summer getting ready for the coming school year that begins soon.

Construction on Student Learning Centre

Our student leaders arrive on campus on August 27th for a week of training. New students move into the on-campus apartments on Labour Day (Sept. 4). Classes begin on September 7th.

We prayed that God would send us a good number of men and women to train for His service. He’s answered our prayers. Enrollment has been strong for both the college and seminary.

Over the past few months, our team has been busy making some important upgrades to

Construction on one room in the new recording suite

the campus. We’ve added a new recording studio for the music program. We’ve also built a new Student Learning Centre, a place for individual tutoring and small group instruction. Both projects were made possible by some generous donations from friends of Heritage. We’ll write more about these new additions to the campus in the coming weeks.

Last year, I (Rick) posted some praise and prayer requests each Friday. My hope is to do the same again this year. Without God’s favour, nothing we do will have eternal impact. So I would ask you to pray with us for the following:

  1. Final preparations on the part of our faculty and staff for the coming year.
  2. Finishing the building projects (recording suite; student learning centre, roofing of the Heritage Community Centre).
  3. New students preparing to come to Heritage—ask the Lord to give them eagerness to learn and courage to take a new step in life.

(Next week, Linda and I will be posting about an important initiative we’d like to let you know about. It’s called 1000 x 1000.)

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