Prayer Update January 13, 2017

Linda and I have spent this week on the campus of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. She’s been taking her comprehensive exams for her EdD program (Doctor of Education). I’ve been meeting with various administrators and professors at Southern. We’ve enjoyed the “southern hospitality” and the break from the winter chill, but are eager to be back training men and women for life and ministry at Heritage.

Here are some praise and prayer updates for this week:

  1. We are rejoicing that Linda successfully completed all three of her comprehensive praiseexams this week. It was a big hill to climb, but God’s grace gave her the strength and endurance to keep climbing. Now she is “ABD” (all but dissertation). Actually, she’s turned in the first three chapters of her dissertation, which focuses on what complementarian seminaries across North America are doing in the way of specialized training for women. Thank you for praying for her!
  1. Next Tuesday I launch a new series of messages in chapel entitled “Unfinished Business.” Each week we will look at one “unfinished” aspect of our character as unfinished-businessChristians (anger, pride, cowardice, unforgiveness, etc). This week I’ll give an overview of how God brings about character change in the lives of believers (from Romans 6-8). Please ask the Lord to use these messages in transformative ways. (By the way, you can listen to the messages on Heritage’s website)
  1. Next week I (Rick) meet with our executive team for a two-day, strategic planning and prayer retreat. I’d ask you to pray that we would be guided by God’s Spirit to face the future with discernment, faith and courage. I believe the Lord has more for Heritage to do in the area of training spiritual leaders for Christ’s church.

Thank you for praying for and with us!




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