Prayer Update November 25

Thank you for being part of our personal and ministry prayer team. As you can see from one of my last posts (Strafed), we sense a great need for prayer at this time. God is working in some amazing ways and we are also facing formidable challenges.

Your prayers for Linda last week were answered. God strengthened her as she taught a course for women in ministry. A seasoned ministry leader who sat in on the course commented on the high caliber of the women in the course.

We also had 14 prospective students come to a Heritage Sampler this past Monday and Tuesday. Keep praying that God would send us eager students to train for Christ’s service.

Here are some prayer requests for this coming week: carol

  1. Our students will be out caroling in neighbourhoods around campus next Thursday (Dec 1). This is part of our Love Hespeler initiative where we seek to bring the love and light of Christ to our community. Pray we would build bridges to bring good news to the people around us.
  1. Linda and I head to Ottawa this weekend to hold a dessert for Friends of Heritage on Monday night. If you are in the Ottawa area and would be able to attend, please let us know ( Pray that this gathering would help spread the good news about what God is doing through Heritage.
  1. On Tuesday evening, we will be attending a dinner for embassy personnel from around the world. I (Rick) have been invited to tell the Christmas story in three minutes. Pray that I can make the message of Christ’s coming clear and concise. Pray that God would use the entire evening to move in many hearts.

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