Prayer Update September 2, 2016

This year at Heritage we are seeking to grow in the emphasis we place on prayer.  Already, our staff and faculty meet to pray on Wednesdays at lunch.  Students pray for one another in their weekly Impact groups.  But we want to take it further.

2016-08-29-PHOTO-00000008Prayer will be the topic of our Tuesday chapels.  I will be preaching a series of message on prayer (you can listen to audio recordings  on Heritage’s website:

We are also developing a prayer room for students, staff and faculty to use–a quiet place to converse with God.

As part of this heightened emphasis on prayer, I will be posting specific requests (and answers to prayer) on Fridays.  I would be grateful if you would join us as part of our larger prayer team.  Together, we can trust God to “do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

Here are some requests for this week.

  1.  New students arrive on campus on Monday, September 5th (Labour Day).  Pray that these students will settle in and begin to make friends.  Pray for parents who will feel a mix of sadness and joy as they drop off their sons and daughters!
  2. Pray for our Student Leaders who will be guiding new students through Orientation Week (September 6-10).  Ask the Lord to give them love, wisdom and enthusiasm as they lead. They set the spiritual tone for the rest of the students.
  3. Linda and I have traveled a great deal this summer (Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, New Jersey and Thailand).  Ask the Lord to give us the health and energy we need as we begin this year at Heritage.

We’ll keep you posted on how God answers our request!




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