Upcoming Courses for Women in Ministry

This past September at Heritage, we had the privilege of having Dr. Bev Hislop, professor of Pastoral Care to Women from Western Seminary, teach the first course in our Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry program.  The class was well-received with 22 women IMG_1583attending.  The class assignments are keeping the students challenged, while dialogue continues between classmates on a Moodle interactive learning site.  These women are now busy preparing for their class presentations (November 15th ) on significant women who have served Jesus over the years.  Some of the women being studied are:   Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth Elliott, Joy Smith (a current M.P.), and Katie Davis, a young woman in ministry in Uganda.  We’re looking forward to being together again and learning from one another.

PhyWe’re looking forward to our second course this Spring.  Dr. Phyllis Bennett, who directs the Centre for Women in Ministry at Western Seminary, will be here to teach Developing Life-Changing Bible Study Curriculum (click here for more information on the course).  If you’d like to sharpen your skills as a woman in ministry, or you know someone interested in writing or leading small groups, please let them know about this course.   If there’s a better Christian teacher on this subject, we honestly don’t know her.   It’s a great privilege to have Phyllis join us.  The dates of the course are March 19-21 and April 18.

And just to get you thinking ahead, we’re now planning a course on “Great Women of the Christian Faith” for next June.  Watch this website for further details!

To register to take a course for credit or audit, please contact Karyn Mowbray at kmowbray@heritageseminary.net.

May God bless you as you serve Him today – wherever you are, and whatever you do.  May we all glorify Him!


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