The Impact of a Prof

HendricksOne of the reasons I chose to attend Dallas Seminary was to have classes with Howard Hendricks.  When I arrived on campus in the fall of 1980, he had already been teaching for almost 30 years.  He was a legend in his own time.  Dr. Hendricks went home to be with his Lord yesterday, Wednesday, February 20th.

Students called him “Prof” and lined up to get in his classes.  My first semester at Dallas I took his Bible Study Methods class; Linda took it a few years later.  Ask any of the 10,000 students who took Bible Study Methods, they’ll tell you it was an unforgettable, life-shaping experience.

Hendricks taught us to dig into Scripture in a way most of us had never done before:  Observation, Interpretation and Application.  His passion for the transforming power of God’s Word was infectious.  His insights were incisive.  On top of it all, he was incredibly funny.

During my final year at Dallas Seminary, Linda and I invited Prof and his wife, Jeanne, to our apartment for lunch.  We lived in a ramshackle apartment in a rough part of town.  But they still came and invested time and love in our lives on that day and in the years that followed.

Hendricks loved to say, “You can impress people at a distance, but you impact them up close.”  Linda and I are two of his students that were both impressed and impacted by Prof Hendricks and his lovely wife, Jeanne.

This video interview with Prof Hendricks captures our heart.  (click here ).   It would be our desire, here at Heritage College and Seminary, to carry on this legacy.   Our prayer is that God would use us to impact students the way Prof and Jeanne impacted us.

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