In Praise of … Accountability

Like many other folks in North America, we have signed up (again) for a gym in January.  We’re new to this area, so we picked a lovely gym right by the school where Rick works.  That way, we’d have less excuses –it couldn’t be “out of the way…”

We began to work out on the machines we were familiar with:  walking on a treadmill, going for a “run” on the elliptical.    What we didn’t know was that this gym came with trainers.   Dare we admit, this wasn’t welcomed at first!  Since a little “alone time” is what we’re after, a little time to review Scripture (and memorize it) or listen to music through our ear buds, it seemed that these were unwelcome interruptions.

The trainers insisted that we begin with an initial evaluation – that way we (they) could measure our progress.   Both of us were put through the paces by folks who actually knew what they were doing in a gym!

Considering we are fairly active, I was shocked when the results of one test revealed only the 10th percentile.  The tenth?

It has come to me, that what I really don’t like is not the trainers, but the accountability.  They are going to actually measure our progress!   While I might like to go whenever, do whatever, they are concerned that my life makes changes.

Today as I moved forward in the Beth Moore study on the book of James, her daughter wrote about hearing her mom quote the entire book of James.   This put me in the 10th percentile as well.  I’ve been seeking to memorize, some whole chapters, but a whole book?   (I’m working on one at this time).  But actually quoting it to someone else?  Letting someone ask me,  “How’s your next verses coming along?”

I’m wondering if we all could use a little accountability.  We’d like to do whatever, whenever we want on our journey, forgetting that we are actually running a race to glory.  We need to keep pace.  We need other runners to ask us, “How are you doing?”

So let us encourage you, begin to memorize (keep your mind active).  Here’s a tool that helps us memorize Scripture (see an example of Psalm 91 here).   And getting up and going for a walk isn’t a bad idea either.   Listen to the song, “Brave” by Nicole Nordeman to cheer you on.

And when someone asks you about your progress…well, praise God for accountability!

“Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all.  Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things…” (I Timothy 4:15-16)

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