Eyes Wide Open

Some books stretch your mind.  Other books soften your heart.  Once in a while you find a book that does both.  Steve DeWitt’s new book, Eyes Wide Open, is one of them.

The book’s subtitle explains its vision:   “enjoying God in everything.”  DeWitt is convinced (and makes a biblically convincing case) that God created people with a penchant for beauty.  Beauty moves us to wonder and wonder is to be the prelude to worship.

Sadly, many people fail to connect the wonders of our world (either God-made or man-made) with worship.  DeWitt writes, “This book flows from a conviction that we have largely missed God in our experience of beauty.”

It’s helpful that Eyes Wide Open talks about beauty in an attractive way.  The book is theologically solid without being stiff or starchy.  It deals with a weighty topic without coming across heavy.  It was both light and a delight to read; it’s also filled with quotable quotes:  “All beauty is a breadcrumb path that leads us to Christ”; “He is the goal of our desires, and all the beauties of this world whisper His name.”

The final chapters give wise guidance on how to interact with man-made beauty in the arts.  I found his advice on how to respond to the mixed bag of artistic expression found in modern media (movies, visual arts, music) quite helpful.

So if you are looking to start the New Year with a book that gives you a fresh vision of God through the wonders of His world, then keep your Eyes Wide Open.

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  1. I certainly will get this book to read. We have a saying in Arabic , which some people use “Subhan
    ell khaliq” when we see beauty. it means praise the creator; because it’s natural to enjoy beauty
    and praise God who created it. Off-course for those who believe in the Creator.
    The Bible tells us that “God has created all things and for His pleasure they are and were created.”Rev: 4:11. Also “to trust in the Living God, who gives us all things to enjoy”1 Timothy 6:17………………….Insaf

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