That’s A Good Question

For a number of years, I was a contributor to a weekly column that ran in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Readers were asked to submit questions related to matters of faith and life. A panel of “religious experts” were invited to give a short (300 word) answer submitted questions.

Over the years, there were many good questions asked by perceptive, curious readers.

I found it both a challenge and a joy to offer a response to the questions. Rather than simply express my opinion, I sought to base my answers on the teachings of the Bible.

In That’s a Good Questions, you’ll find my answers to 25 of the good questions that were published in the Ottawa Citizen.

I hope you find some of your questions (or those of friends and family members) addressed in the eBook.

You will find the listing of all the questions in the eBook’s Table of Contents. Each chapter title is also a hotlink that will take to my answer.

Please read and reflect on these important topics as you look through the eBook. You can download a pdf copy of the eBook here. You can also find a Flipbook version here.


Free free to send a copy of the eBook to a friend of yours by emailing them a copy of this link.

I’d love to hear from you and get your response to That’s A Good Question. Email me at

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