Praise and Prayer Update (October 7, 2022)

As we come to this Thanksgiving weekend at Heritage College and Seminary, we have much for which to give thanks. As I talk with new students, they are feeling at home on campus and making the adjustment to university-level studies.

I wish you could hear the students sing praises to God in our Tuesday chapels. There is a joyful mood on campus that lifts my heart to praise.

Here are several praise and prayer requests that I’d ask you to remember as you think of us.

Praise for a great start to the school year. Join me in thanking the Lord for his goodness is sending us many quality men and women to train. Our goal is to help them major in the Word of God so they can help churches make a world of difference. Thank the Lord that this is happening.

Reaching the World Course. This morning (Friday, Oct 7th) Linda and I begin teaching a course called Reaching the World: Local, National, and Global Evangelism. Please ask the Lord to make this a very impactful class for each of the 20 students who will be part of the course. Ask the Lord to strengthen Linda and me as we teach.

: Local,

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