Praise and Prayer Update (March 19, 2022)

Spring arrived on campus this week. It’s amazing to see students enjoying the sunshine as they gather for meals and conversations on our campus grounds. God has given the school a beautiful property, an oasis in the city. After a long winter, everyone seems eager to be outside!

Last week I asked you to pray for me (Rick) as I preached on Sunday. I also requested prayer for the impact of our Arts Week. God answered prayer by empowering me to speak on Making Sense of Suffering (listen to it here) and giving us a wonderful Arts week. We also hosted a “Student Sampler” for prospective students!

Here are a few requests for the coming week.

Preachers Conference. I’m headed out this week to speak at a preaching conference in the US. I’ve been invited to speak on the theme of the Heart of the Preacher. Please pray for safe travels and impactful messages.

Ministry Leadership Day. Heritage is gearing up for our Ministry Leadership Day on March 31. This year, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Kevin VanHoozer whose topic will be Doctrine for Discipleship: Theology’s Place in the Local Church. Please pray God will use this day to sharpen and shape church ministry leaders who want to help their local churches excel in making disciples. If you would like to attend (live or livestream), you can register here.

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