Finding Freedom from sinful baggage

If you had to list the sins that repeatedly mess you up most, what would make your short list?

  • A critical spirit that finds fault with everyone
  • A jealous heart that resents the good things that happen to others
  • A hurtful tongue that lashes out at those around you
  • A wandering eye that looks at what it shouldn’t be seeing
  • An arrogant attitude that won’t accept correction from family or friends
  • An angry temper that quickly erupts when things go wrong
  • A selfish disposition that makes life “all about you.”

List list could go on…and on.

This past fall in our Tuesday chapels at Heritage, I preached a series of messages from Romans 6-8 called Finding Freedom. The goal of the series was to help all of us break free from bondage to enslaving sins. The sins that mess us up most.

Of all the series I’ve preached over the years, I suspect this one has been most impactful–both for me and for others. Heritage students repeatedly mentioned how God was speaking to them as we worked through the liberating truth contained in Romans 6-8. These chapter are literally life-changing for all who understand and embrace what they are teaching.

The eight sermons in the series are these:

  • Dying to Live in Freedom
  • Living Your New Identity
  • Why Finding Freedom is So Hard
  • No Condemnation, No Kidding
  • Minding Your Mind
  • Physical Spirituality
  • Groaning Towards Glory
  • What God is Up to in Your Life

If you’d like to listen to an audio version of the sermons, you can hear them on the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast. We starting the New Year by broadcasting one of the eight messages each week. The first message, Dying to Live in Freedom, was released this past Monday. Each Monday, another message will be available. You can find the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast link here. Or here’s a link to the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast on Apple Podcasts (look for sermon #60: Dying to Live in Freedom).

If you’d like to see videos of the sermons, you will find the entire series on the Heritage Live YouTube channel. Here’s a link to the sermons on Heritage Live.

By God’s grace and with the Spirit’s help, let’s all make 2022 a year when we find greater freedom from the sins that trip us up and hold us back.

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