Strike Out Sermons

If you are a baseball fan, you know that the Atlanta Braves just defeated the Houston Astros to win the World Series. In game six of the series, Jorge Soler, Dansby Swanson and Freddie Freeman all hit home runs to propel the Braves to a 7-0 win.

Even if you are not a baseball fan, you probably know that hitting a home run is a big deal. You also probably know that even the best hitters in baseball don’t always hit home runs. Sometimes they can strike out.

That’s true for preachers and teachers as well. While sometimes we may feel we hit a home run; other times it seems we strike out!

So what should a preacher or teacher do when we sense our sermons and lessons strike out. That’s the topic I deal with the most recent episode of the Preacher to Preacher podcast. If you are interested, you can listen to “When the Sermon Strikes Out” here.

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