Praise and Prayer Update (February 12, 2021)

Next week is our winter Reading Week at Heritage. Students (and professors) will get a much-needed breather from the demands of assignments and online courses. The past month has gone well, inspite of the COVID challenges. By God’s grace, we’ve not had any COVID infections on campus this year. We are grateful for God’s mercy.

Linda and I plan to take a few days off next week to catch our breath as well. We’re doing well but we are ready for a bit of break.

Here are some prayer requests to remember this week:

  • Pray for students, staff, and faculty to be refreshed by the change of pace of Reading Week. Pray for God’s spiritual and physical protection on our campus and community.
400 Gift Bags for Love Hespeler
  • Continue to pray for our students as they go into the Hespeler community to give out Gift Bags and spread the love of Christ to our neighbours. We’ve created a special landing page on our website where those in our community can hear testimonies from students, ask for prayer, and listen to a message I recorded on “Where is the God of Love in a Global Pandemic.” You can check out the landing page here.
  • We are moving forward with plans to construct a new home for seminary on the property adjacent to our lower parking lot. Pray for the President’s Building Advisory Team as we oversee the next steps in the planning process.

Thank you for your faithful partnership in prayer.

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