Losing Your Luggage

Are you tired of caring around unwanted spiritual baggage? I’m talking about the baggage of resentment, bitterness, pride, unbelief, jealousy. The list could go on!

Would you like to lose some of this lousy luggage?

You may be interested in the new series that was just launched on the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast. It’s a series of messages from Romans 8 designed to help all of us get rid of sinful baggage. This week’s message (entitled “Where Did I Get This Lousy Luggage?”) explores where this unwanted baggage comes from in the first place (Romans 7).

Of all the sermon series I preached while at the Met, I believe this one could be the most spiritually helpful to Christians.

You can listen to the sermon on Apple Podcasts for Spotify.

With the help of God’s Spirit, let’s lose some luggage this year!

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