Praise and Prayer Update (January 15, 2021)

What a week it’s been at Heritage!

On Monday we launched into a new semester. Much preparation had gone into getting ready to run the school during the Ontario lockdown. Both college and seminary courses were ready to be delivered online. A reduced number of college students had moved into the residence halls.

On Tuesday morning we held our first online chapel service. While we would prefer to meet in person, I was pleased with the way the Lord used the message from one of our professors, the testimony from a student, and the small group prayer time (Zoom Breakout Rooms). Many of us were strengthened and encouraged.

On Tuesday afternoon, our leadership team met for several hours to absorb and adjust to the tightened regulations issued by Ontario’s Premier. Moving from “lockdown” to “Stay at Home” orders adds further complications for the school (as it does for all who live in Ontario).

In light of new restrictions and requirements, we’ve made further adjustments to campus protocol; we are committed to complying with government directives related to COVID-19. We do this because this is what Scripture calls us do (Romans 13:1-5). We also do this because we want to be good citizens and loving neighbours to those around us. I am grateful for a united, hard-working team of staff and faculty and for a stellar group of students who are handling the changes with grace and maturity.

I”m writing to ask you to help us by your prayers. Here are several requests I’d ask you to remember.

Wisdom. Pray for God to grant wisdom to our Heritage Leaders as we give direction to the faculty, staff, and student body.

Protection. Pray that the Lord might keep our community safe from the spread of COVID.

Resilience. Pray that students experience God’s spiritual and emotional strength to persevere in their studies in these challenging times.

Impact. Pray that God works powerfully in and through the lives of our students as they prepare for life and ministry–even in a pandemic!

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