Praise and Prayer Update (December 6, 2019)

Group Presentation on Local Outreach

Yesterday (Thursday), I had the joy of hearing Heritage students give group presentations on their involvement in our Love Hespeler Initiative.  We engage all our incoming students in ministry to our local community (Hespeler).  In addition to praying for the people in the village, students serve the community by collecting food for the local foodbank, raking leaves (for free) and sharing the good news of the gospel with people they meet.

It was thrilling to hear students report how the Lord had enabled them to get past their fears as they went into the community.  Many spoke of their determination to continue to reach out to those in Hespeler Village.

This afternoon (Friday), Linda and a group of Heritage students ran our weekly ESL conversation class in a local library.  It’s amazing to see how these students teach English carolingand also help our guests come to know God’s love.

Tonight (Friday evening), a number of students went out caroling in the neighbourhood near the school.

I’ve been asking the Lord to raise up a generation of gospel-hearted men and women.  I see the Lord answering that prayer in exciting ways.


This Sunday evening we are hosting an International Christmas Dinner on our campus for those who have been attending the ESL classes.  We will have the joy of explaining the meaning of Christmas to our new Canadian friends.  Please pray that God would help us to be clear.  Pray that He would open hearts to receive the good news.

finalsNext week is finals week at Heritage.  Students are busy finishing papers and preparing for exams.  Please ask the Lord to give stamina and success to our students in their studies.  We want them to come to know God and His Word deeply during their time at Heritage.

Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers.

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