Praise and Prayer Update October 25, 2019

I’m writing this post while sitting in a Starbucks in Ottawa.  This particular Starbucks has a unique place in my (Rick) heart.  And it’s not because I love the coffee (I actually don’t drink coffee).  It’s because of the location–453 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Old Met
Old Met Building

This Starbucks is on the property that once was the home of the Metropolitan Bible Church (The Met).  In March of 1998, our family moved from California to Canada so I could serve as the pastor of The Met.  When we arrived, The Met was located here on Bank Street. I loved preaching in The Met’s sanctuary (built in the 1930’s) with its dark wood pews and wrap-around balcony.  I have many memories of seeing God work in powerful ways–bringing people to faith in Christ and helping others grow up in Christ. 

new met 1
New Met Building

In time, we outgrew the facility here on Bank Street and built the “new Met” about 10 kilometers away (near the Ottawa airport).

As I sit in this Starbucks that was once The Met, my heart is full of gratitude to God for the privilege of pastoring such a vibrant church–a church that loves the Word of God and loves the world for God.

While I have a deep and special place in my heart for The Met, my heart has been stretched to care for many other churches across Canada.  I long to see spiritual vibrancy in all the congregations across our land.  I’m at Heritage to help raise up godly leaders for these churches.

This morning I was in Montreal for a gathering of presidents from other Canadian Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Christian Universities.  All of us share a calling to serve Christ’s church by equipping men and women to serve Christ, His Church, and His mission.

Tonight, as I sit in this Starbucks and reflect, I am also praying.  Praying that God’s Spirit would bring revival to the Church in Canada.  And I’m praying that schools like Heritage will play a vital part in training godly pastors for these churches.  I long to see more churches like the Metropolitan Bible Church in the cities and villages across our land.

Would you join me in this prayer for Christ’s Church in Canada?  Also, would you pray that Heritage might be used by God to support, strengthen and stretch the Church in Canada and around the world?

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