Yearly Reeder 2018

For many years, Linda and I have sent out a “year-in-review” letter to family and friends.  In it, we give a brief update on our family along with a few pictures.  We call our newsletter The Yearly Reeder. Here’s a version of our 2018 edition. 


This past year had amazing firsts, family events, and finishes.

space needleIn January 2018, we had our “first” grandchild.  What a blessing!  Jonathan Maynor Reed is also the first great-grandchild on Rick’s side (the 17th on Linda’s).  We’ve just returned from the West Coast and had a great time with all four generations together at Christmas (see photos below).

Other “family” times included trips to the Jersey area to see both of our sons and their wives. Ryan and Jenny are living in Princeton, New Jersey where Ryan serves in student ministry. Michael and Elena have moved to Trenton, New Jersey to plant a church and care for the poor.  Lindsey is currently working for two hospitals as a social worker.  A highlight this fall was a trip back to Ottawa to speak at the Metropolitan Bible Church and to see Lindsey graduate.

This year also had several “finishes.” Michael graduated in May from Princeton (Master of Divinity).  Lindsey graduated in November from Carleton University (Master’s in social work) and Ryan has just completed his Ph.D. (to graduate in May) from the University of Toronto.  We are so thankful for these celebrations!

Rick continues to enjoy serving as the president of Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario.  He speaks on weekends at various church and conferences and teaches Homiletics (preaching) courses.  Watch for his soon to be published book – The Heart of a Preacher.  In his free time, he’s digitizing old family home movies.

Linda had the opportunity to teach in a new TESOL course (Teaching English as a Second Language) for Heritage College students.  God has revealed again to us His perfect ways in using her linguistics studies from years ago.  Through TESOL, an Alpha study in a coffeeshop, and airplane trips, we’ve had wonderful opportunities to share the gospel this year with people from around the world.

This year had its challenges as well.  Health was a huge concern as Linda passed through significant medical tests in January and September.  A car accident for Linda during a January ice storm (the same night Jonathan was born) reminded us God is gracious, and life is precious.

We’re so grateful for the friends like you around the globe who pray for us and keep in touch.  We’d love to stay connected as we move into the years ahead.  This year, may we all “draw near to God, and He will draw near to us.”  Immanuel.

With gratitude,

Rick and Linda Reed

Four Generations:  Grandma Honcoop, Linda, Jenny Reed and Jonathan
Four Generations:  Grandma Reed, Ryan, Jonathan and Rick

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