Prayer Update (August 31, 2018)

move inLabour Day is “move in day” at Heritage Bible College.  Our team of student leaders will be up early Monday morning, ready to welcome new students as they arrive on campus to move into their dorm rooms.  Throughout the day, we’ll host tours of the campus and hold special orientation sessions for new students (and for their parents too!).  After a few days of settling in, college and seminary classes begin on Thursday, September 6th.

Our faculty and staff have been praying and preparing for this new school year all summer long.  The renovation projects (new showers in the residence halls, new prayer room, remodelled Student Services offices) are finishing up just in time!  I praise God for the dedicated team who did the work!  The campus looks fantastic.

Here are some prayer requests I would ask you to remember for the coming week:

1. Pray our new students would adjust well to life at Heritage.  Ask the Lord to help them settle in, make new friends and get off to a good start in their courses.  Pray for parents who are feeling a mix of joy and sadness in having their son/daughter move away from home to begin their training at Heritage.

2. Pray for our students leaders who will be working hard to help new students acclimate to Heritage.  Linda and I are hosting all the student leaders for a meal at our home this Sunday evening (Sept 2).  Pray that we can encourage and challenge them to be true servant leaders.

tat3. Continue to pray for Matt Collins whose fiancee, Tatiana Blackburn, was recently killed in an automobile accident.  Many of our faculty, staff and students attended Tatiana’s memorial service this past Tuesday.  It was one of the most powerful, impactful memorials I can remember.  The Lord is being honoured through Tatiana’s life and legacy.  Please pray for deep comfort and healing grace for all who are grieving.

Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers.

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