Heritage Preaching Lectures Tomorrow

Thursday, October 13th, will be a big day on the Heritage Campus. It’s the day of this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures.

preachingOne of the distinctives of Heritage Seminary is our strong emphasis on biblical preaching. We train those headed for pastoral ministry to be effective expositors of God’s Word. By that I mean we teach them to preach through the text and to the heart.

We believe pastors should preach through a passage of Scripture—working through the text and not simply skimming over it. Expository sermons “expose” the original message God put into His Word.

While we train students to preach through the text of Scripture, we don’t stop there. We also teach them to preach to the heart. Expository sermons apply God’s truth to the lives of contemporary hearers. God’s Word is preached, not simply to inform minds, but to transform lives.

carsonOur passion for biblical preaching is behind our annual preaching lectures. This year we welcome Dr. Don Carson to speak on the subject of preaching apocalyptic passages (like the book of Revelation). Dr. Carson is one of the top biblical scholars in North America. He’s also an alumnus of Heritage Seminary (having graduated from Central Baptist Seminary, one of the two schools that merged to form Heritage).

Almost 500 people have signed up to attend this year’s Heritage Preaching Lectures. Would you pray with me that the day would be useful in equipping those who preach and teach God’s Word to congregations across Canada.


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