Myanmar from a Muskoka Chair

While we were in Chiang Mai this summer, we stayed with Brian and Linda Crawford, missionaries to Thailand and parents of some stellar Heritage students. One morning at breakfast, Brian mentioned the deep impact the biography of Adoniram Judson had on his life. I made a note to track down the book when we got back to Canada.

To the Golden ShoreHaving just finished reading To the Golden Shore, I would agree with Brian; it was one of the most impactful biographies I’ve ever read. Drama, courage, imprisonment, heartbreak, break-through, romance, inspiration—this biography has it all.

In case the name Adoniram Judson is new to you, here’s a brief introduction: Adoniram, and his wife Ann, were the first missionaries sent from America in the early 19th century. Though aware of the acute danger they would face, they moved to Burma (current day Myanmar). What happens to them will keep you turning pages as fast as your eyes can read. It will also move you to do some personal reflection on your own life, your devotion to Christ and your heart for the gospel.

chairTo the Golden Shore will take you to Myanmar while you sit in your Muskoka chair on the patio or at the cottage.

But To the Golden Shore will not simply transport you, it will also transform you. That’s what a good book should do!

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