Happy 40th Birthday Paul Henderson

Where were you on September 28, 1972?

If you were alive and living in Canada on that day, you likely remember where you were the goalwhen Paul Henderson scored the winning goal against the Russians in the Summit Series. That goal was voted “the sports moment of the century” by The Canadian Press. I have a friend who said, “What the moon landing was to the Americans, Henderson’s goal was to the Canadians.”

But while September 28, 1972 was the biggest day in Henderson’s hockey career, it wasn’t the most important day in his life. That honour would go to March 12, 1975. That’s the day Paul Henderson put his faith in Christ Jesus and became a Christian.

So today is Henderson’s 40th spiritual birthday.

Last week, Paul spoke in chapel at Heritage, giving his testimony as part of our “courageous Christians” series. While he talked about his life in hockey (including The Goal), he focused on the difference Christ Jesus has made in his life over the past 40 years. He also talked about how his faith in Christ has strengthened him through his fight with cancer, giving him peace and purpose for living. (You can listen to Henderson’s chapel message here).book

After hearing Paul in chapel, Linda and I watched a documentary on the Summit Series to
catch up on what we missed back in 1972 (We were living in the USA at that time). We also were inspired as we read Henderson’s biography, The Goal of My Life.  It’s a book that makes it clear that Henderson’s goal in life transcends the goal he scored in 1972!



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  1. Just thought I’d say hi! This is very timely – I was at our bookmobile yesterday after school with the kids and Will, who hasn’t been reading anything lately, but has a huge interest in hockey stats at the moment – found the section on hockey books and came home with 3 or 4 to read….then we had to look up a book by Ken Dryden that he’d heard about, so now I have forwarded this to him as well & will add it to his list! Hope you’re both well. We are mostly – but spent the 1st part of this week dealing with stomach flu for 6…..I’m sure you had your turn at that one once or twice. Yesterday we celebrated Katie’s 14th b-day…can you imagine? Time flies!

    love to you both!

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