Preparing for Life

Let’ say you have a 16-year-old daughter who wants to be a nurse and a 15-year-old son Brother sisterwho plans to be an engineer. Both have a heart for God (at least on most days).  Both have done quite well in school (at least in most subjects).  Neither feel called to be pastors or missionaries (at least not at this point).

Why should either consider coming to a Bible School like Heritage?  After all, Heritage doesn’t offer a major in engineering or nursing.

My answer would be that Heritage majors on preparing students for life.

We have a one-year certificate designed with students like these in mind. Our one-year program designed as a holistic discipleship year.  Students take ten top-notch classes (Old Testament survey, New Testament Survey, World View and more).  They connect in Impact Groups for weekly spiritual encouragement and challenge.  They serve together in ministry and enjoy life together as friends.  They can even opt to end the year overseas on a six-week missions trip (This year it’s Poland; next year it’s Indonesia). This one-year program will have a lifetime impact.

Let’s face it; students who head to college or university will face an onslaught of challenges.  Intellectual, moral, spiritual challenges.  It’s crucial that they are ready for whatever life throws their way.  The Hemorrhaging Faith study is a sobering reminder than many of our young people aren’t yet ready.

So whether a student’s long-term goal is engineering, nursing or any other career path, investing one year at Heritage can play a lifetime of dividends.

To learn more about Heritage’s one-year program (or any of our degree programs), click here.

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