Come, let us rejoice!

Two years ago today we were sitting in a doctor’s office hearing him say: “We found some cancer cells.”   Needless to say, we were silent and shaken.

A year ago we were sitting at home when I heard my mom say:  “Kathy’s cancer can’t be treated. They’ve done all they can.”  Again, we were silent and shaken.

Since those words were told to us, we’ve been through two surgeries, months of radiation, plane flights to visit my sister, Kathy, and again to the West to be part of her funeral.   A few months later, we sang and shed tears as a family as we said goodbye to our home on Plante Drive, not to mention all our dear friends.

But suddenly, we find ourselves walking around a house that is more lovely than we’d  dared to imagine we’d live in.   We’ve been blessed in abundance by both the Met and Heritage College and Seminary.

After hard times, how do you let your heart sing praises (James 5:13)?  Do we let ourselves sing Hallelujah and mean it?  Or have we all learned to be perpetually “difficulty challenged” even when God is really good to us?

This weekend, there’s a party in the plans.  While my dear husband would never ask for this, I’d love to invite you to come.   Heritage is hosting an inauguration for their new president, and it promises to be a day filled with joy.  They’ve found a great man – we all know.

So, if you’re free and the weather permits, why not join us at Heritage College and Seminary on Saturday, February 9 at 2 – 5 in the Community Centre.  (see the website for details).    After all, there’s a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1), and now it’s time to rejoice.

As Laura Story sings:  Come let us be glad; Come let us be rejoice!

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