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Tuesdays with Jeremiah (Chapter 31)

This chapter is the high-watermark of the “Book of Consolation” (30-33) and the book of Jeremiah. It could be the high point of the entire Old Testament!  It contains an extended description of the joyful re-gathering and resettlement in the … Continue reading

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Prayer Update December 7, 2018

I’m writing this update from the Hespeler Library.  Linda and a group of Heritage students are downstairs leading an ESL (English as a Second Language) class for new Canadians.  It’s been a wonderful way for Heritage students to serve the … Continue reading

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Leaders are Readers

Here’s a  post I recently wrote for the Heritage Seminary Blog. One of my seminary profs, Dr. Howard Hendricks, was known for his pithy, memorable statements.  Here’s one of my favourites: “Leaders and readers.”  I’m convinced Dr. Hendricks had it right.  To be effective … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with Jeremiah (Chapter 30)

Chapters 30-33 are sometimes called “the Book of Consolation,” a unit within the larger book that shines with hope for the Israel’s future. Given the fact that most of Jeremiah’s prophecies are dark and dire, these four chapters are especially bright. The … Continue reading

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