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Merry Christmas from the Reeds

This Christmas season feels more Californian than Canadian (12C/52F). It’s wet but not white. We are hoping to have our three kids (and new daughter-in-law Jenny) with us for Christmas. Michael’s flight from NYC was cancelled today due to fog; … Continue reading

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The “Boring Part” of the Christmas Story

Here’s a post I recently wrote for the Heritage Seminary Faculty Blog: The account of Christ’s birth makes for fascinating reading.  Well, most of it does. But there is one part of the story that doesn’t normally hold our attention:  the … Continue reading

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December Finale

It’s finals week at Heritage, the grand finale of the fall semester. Students are pushing hard to finish well.  Today I saw one student in the cafeteria reviewing his Hebrew vocabulary cards as he ate lunch; the Hebrew exam was at 1:00 pm and … Continue reading

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Remembering Jay

I met Jay Keddy several years ago when his son, Allastair, graduated from Heritage college. Although Jay and I only talked briefly in person, he regularly emailed me over the past few years. Jay served as a deacon in the … Continue reading

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King David Comes to Canada (Part 3)

How can we effectively preach and teach narrative passages in the Bible? That’s the subject of this short series of posts.  In the previous two posts, I focused on 1) discovering the main message of the passage and 2) using … Continue reading

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