On Tour

While spring is in the air in Southern Ontario, we’re still watching the ice melt on Prince Edward Island. No complaints, however, it is a joy to be here!

We’re enjoying a trip along with the Heritage Singers, and delighting in both Acadian hospitality and the kindness of pastoral couples on the East Coast.

Years ago, we (Rick and Linda) were given the opportunity to travel with the choir.   Our director, Loren Wiebe, had a profound impact on both of our spiritual lives, and the friendships we made in the Biola Chorale have continued over the decades.Biola Chorale

We learned to abide by Dr. Wiebe’s policy: “never tired, always hungry” as we were billeted in homes along the West and East Coasts.   The privilege of staying in the homes of believers, some very wealthy, and some very poor, was a life–enriching experience. The opportunity to see churches in large cities and churches on the prairies left lifelong impressions on us.

Now, years later, we’re hoping these students have the same life-shaping educational
experience. We’re hoping that as they visit homes they’ll feel the love of believers poured out over them, and that as they travel and sing they will have the opportunity to shine the Light of Jesus.

We’ve been taken with tIMG_0007heir songs; with the way they open the concert acapella, and close with a Zulu song that reminds us we are “marching to Zion.”   We’re delighted with the community of care they show to one another and their respect for Dr. Thomson.

And we are really blessed by those who are showing “hospitality to strangers” (Hebrews 13:2; Romans 12:13). More than once, we’ve all shown up at a church to receive a warm, hearty welcome with chili, chowder, or chicken casseroles. It’s a great reminder to all of us to welcome in the stranger.

In several of the churches, Rick has closed the concert with the gospel. In one church, people opened their hearts not only to the Heritage singers, but to the Lord Yahweh.

So, for all of us, may we welcome in the stranger, and most of all, welcome in the Lord!

P.S. If you’d like the host the Heritage Singers next year, or take in a pastoral intern, please contact us.

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