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President Teddy Roosevelt made this observation about another leader: “He is evidently a man who takes color from his surroundings.  He was an excellent man under me, and close to me.  For eighteen months after his election he was a … Continue reading

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In Praise of … Accountability

Like many other folks in North America, we have signed up (again) for a gym in January.  We’re new to this area, so we picked a lovely gym right by the school where Rick works.  That way, we’d have less … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open

Some books stretch your mind.  Other books soften your heart.  Once in a while you find a book that does both.  Steve DeWitt’s new book, Eyes Wide Open, is one of them. The book’s subtitle explains its vision:   “enjoying God … Continue reading

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Precious from Worthless

Moving has a way of sorting things out.  It’s a fresh start.  A fresh chance to choose. This was never clearer than when we recently faced the boxes in our basement.  Many had not been opened since leaving California.   They’d been … Continue reading

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The Danger of Studying the Bible

I suppose I’m an unlikely voice to be sounding a warning about reading and studying the Bible.  After all, I’ve just taken a new job at a Bible college and seminary.  Beyond that, for the last 25 years I repeatedly … Continue reading

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A New Thing

New Things.  That’s our new life.  We’re programming the GPS to find the next place, leaving our “new” house on a new street (to us), in a new town, (actually several of them!).   Rick has enjoyed his first days as … Continue reading

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